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India’s largest car manufacturer, Maruti, was launching a new scheme allows NRIs to gift a Maruti car to a person in India. The scheme would offer NRIs special prices, payment options and home delivery services.

iridium Interactive (ii) has a long standing e-business and Internet solutions relationship with Maruti Udyog, and this new project only strengthened it further.
ii was required to create an online, web-based, transparent mechanism enabling NRIs to gift a car to a loved one in India. This scheme would not only create a new revenue stream for the client, but also enhance customer loyalty, and give a fillip Maruti’s branding efforts.

Working with the briefest of instructions provided, iridium created a micro-site for this project, within the Maruti mother site. The look and feel of the micro-site was kept consistent with the main site in order to maintain brand integrity. ii designed the site in a simple manner, providing straightforward navigation around the site. The whole process of buying and ordering was kept open and transparent to the visitor: from getting a quote, making a choice (on model, color, etc), and ordering a car, to paying for the purchase and keeping a track of the order. The forms were designed to capture important information in a non-intrusive manner.
The site provides the buyer with three different options for online payment: Credit Card, Swift Money Transfer or installments through Citibank. As a part of the assignment, ii also integrated the website with that of credit card companies and the bank’s payment systems.

The sheer simplicity of choosing, ordering and purchasing a Maruti car online and paying through the Internet has captured the NRI imagination. The possession of a car in India is still a status- defining possession. So the simple and real possibility of gifting loved ones something as special as a car without the usual hassles has brought in some very tangible returns for the client.
Maruti is now selling cars through their innovative and evocative website. The very concept and its appeal won the company terrific goodwill, extended its customer base and branding mileage, while increasing customer loyalty.
The website is truly interactive, simple and easy to navigate. It is transparent and straightforward. This site responds to many NRIs wishes to be emotionally connected to their loved ones in India.
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