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Culture & Business: Why they must be in harmony

Organizational culture is the sum total of an organization’s assumptions, experiences, philosophy, and values, and are expressed in its self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations. Simply put, culture is “how we do things here”. The December edition of the NASSCOM Emerge Friday 2.0 talk held at Taj Deccan on 16th December 2010, had Hari Thalapalli, the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief People Officer of Mahindra Satyam, addressing the gathering on ‘Effective business across

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Why Social Media Monitoring?

With my experience with iridium in this sphere for some time, it is my observation that social media is spreading like wild fire and it is every company’s desire to be a part of what is being said about them, their brands, products, services and finally, their reputation in the market. Social media includes blogs, forums, wikis, tags and any user generated content. This is where consumers and users saw

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Why consumers befriend their companies on social media?

To cut a long story short, social media was first introduced for networking, socializing, tracing back old friends, school friends etc. Like minded people started discussing their common topics. They discuss, complain and even rave about their favorite or not so favorite brands here. Companies have their own reasons of joining the social network bandwagon as I have already discussed before, and so do customers who have already mastered the social

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Social Media Etiquettes

Social media is like any face-to-face conversation. It is essential to understand the proper way to converse and behave online. I feel it is important to throw some light on social media etiquette and “why” people should be at their best just as they are in a live social environment. While there are many social media experts who talk about keeping your individual style, urging us to voice our opinions

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Social Media and B2B Marketing

So far all I have shared with you is the use of social media to address your audience, in particular consumers. But on a wider perspective our audience- our stakeholders- consist of our clients, employees, suppliers, or even consultants and vendors we deal with in our day to day business. Social media marketing and networking is clearly a means but not an end to nurture every business relationship. B2B is

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NASSCOM and iridium's pledge for a Clean Delhi!!

NASSCOM Foundation in India partnered with Let’s Do It Delhi to help clean up Bhikaji Cama Place in Southwest Delhi, India on 20th March, 2010 at 7:30 in the morning. The small but inspired NF team comprised of 31 volunteers from various Indian companies like Newgen Software, WNS, iridium Interactive, MphasiS and Students’ Partnership Worldwide – India Project Trust. The enthusiastic iridium team- Manish, Sinchita, Janhavi and Nitu, along with

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Integrating Traditional Marketing and Social Media

While writing a lot on social media marketing and reading a very interesting case study on traditional marketing versus social media, I understood one common debate marketing experts and social media experts have constantly- do traditional marketing and social media contradict each other or compliment? Think of the evolution of marketing from radio to television ads, from newspapers ads to billboards and print media; these newer techniques may have evolved

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From dis-engaging to re-engaging the Social Quotient of your employees

So, now having filled you in on the basics of Social Media in my previous few blogs, I shift to the next level of social media insights. With the right base of understanding about this medium, your company can take a leap to explore it as a sand box experiment. Companies in India that block and dis-engage the social network websites for their employees will no longer be successful as

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Taking the Baby Steps to Social Media

After sharing the C’s to Social Media or the basic approach to it, lets get on to implementing them in your organizations.There are no defined classes for teaching Social Media yet but from my experience with iridium Interactive, social media marketing takes time to learn and understand. Social media is a risky venture because when it goes wrong it can spell disaster for the company and its brand. Not to

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NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (NILF) ‘CONNECTS’ with iridium Interactive

Coming February –The world descends on Mumbai. February of every year, the city of Mumbai sees a different profile of visitors – not just the filmstars, sportstars and political leaders but the stalwarts of the global IT world. The NASSCOM INDIA Leadership Forum (NILF) has become an event that has become a ‘Must-Attend Event’ for the entire IT diaspora & related audiences from across the world. It is a great

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