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Social and Economic Contributions of IT/ITES Industry

The role of India’s IT industry in the socio-economic development of the nation has caught the attention of one and all.The IT industry today is the toast of the nation. Accolades have come from all corners for the manner in which IT Industry in India has leveraged the large endowment of Human Capital available and built a huge IT skill base.The growth of IT industry has also resulted in a

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My Mission for my Role Models

Watching skimpily dressed women is a delight to lot of people.They don’t mind buying a ticket in black to watch a Mallika Sherawat in Murder or an Aishwarya in Dhoom II or Bips in Race. There are lot of controversies people rake up watching such actress, whether they should dress one way or the other, whether Shriya should wear a mini frock for an inauguration ceremony or should she have

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