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For some time now, iridium has been providing services to a host of clients, offering innovative solutions in the online domain. We have simplified their work processes, brought people of an organization together, and attracted new prospects for their clients. In the midst of all this work, we suddenly realized that we had been short-ending ourselves – we lacked a similar platform ourselves. ii needed a common forum for all ii employees: to voice their thoughts and opinions, access the information they need, download sales presentations, report a technical problem, or even just wish the boss on his birthday. And truly reflecting the work ethic here, iridiumites wanted a platform that was easy to use and at the same time, fun as well. As the Editor Janhavi puts it very aptly, “An out-of-the-box interactive agency and no common platform to know our people, our teams, except for work… Imagine!! Solution???? What better than a platform like the intranet to bridge this gap? We Iridiumites need a common platform to know ‘US the company’ and the employees who make ‘US’. Sharing experiences, tickling a funny bone sometimes, exploring places with colleagues and training programs to gear up for the upward curve …”


People Tree was born with the aim of creating an efficient communication channel, both to and between staff, supporting ongoing organizational improvement and increasing knowledge flow within the organization. The top management outlined the philosophy for the intranet thus: PeopleTree, associated with truth, vision and clairvoyance, is aimed at providing the employees a better insight and transparent overview of the happenings in the organization.In forming PeopleTree, all major stakeholders – administration, HR, staff, as well as top management were actively involved in identifying the core requirements and general needs and implementing them to perfection. A lot of thought, discussions, and the inevitable arguments went into deciding a site structure, navigation, and home page design that would be appealing and acceptable to all.


Eventually PeopleTree has became an innovative, Internet-based service that can be accessed from anywhere through a standard web-browser. It has been launched with a lot of interactive, interesting, informative and time-saving features like the IT helpdesk to quickly deliver technical assistance, resource booking to block the conference room for team meetings, video trainings to quench the thirst for knowledge, HR & Admin to simplify the dreaded paperwork, and much more. We plan to incrementally broaden the scope of PeopleTree to encompass more and more interactive services that will streamline business processes and reduce the time employees spend on routine, paper-based tasks.

About ii
iridium Interactive Limited (ii) specializes in providing online business solutions. With a presence across three continents, it has been at the forefront in integrating strategy, design and technology to build unique and robust user-centric e-business solutions. At ii, a holistic approach is adopted towards complex business problems to arrive at a complete solution. ii’s talented team has worked on a variety of disciplines for a multitude of clients drawn from various industries, and has a number of award-winning works to its credit. ii offers it services in the areas of interactive marketing, web marketing, e-learning, enterprise consulting and web accessibility initiatives.