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The Indian School of Business (ISB), located in Hyderabad, is a world-class business school. ISB creates education excellence through its innovative programmes, outstanding faculty and thought leadership. It has a diverse mix of students from different industries and countries and international faculty, and offers experiential and holistic learning, and strong corporate involvement.

Objective ISB, an institution of global repute, was keen on showcasing itself through its website. It wanted to create a world-class education portal, reflecting the institution’s brand image, and in line with that of its affiliates. The website had to reflect ISB’s quality of education, range of facilities and services. It would also be used as a tool to attract students for the Executive Education and Post Graduate programs.

Solution iridium Interactive (ii) carefully studied the ISB brand and the client’s requirements before beginning the engagement. Accordingly, the sections on alumni, governing and executive bodies were prominently placed to exhibit and leverage the patronage and support the institution enjoys. ii also developed sophisticated yet accessible systems for recruitment, resumé posting and online job applications, including job notices. Sections about course details and top-flight teaching, library and residential facilities also figured on the site. All this presented in an understated and classy manner. Finally, updated and latest research materials were made easily accessible online.

Results ii created a world class education portal for ISB which serves as a window to the internal functioning of the school. ISB’s branding online reflects the quality of it’s education, the vast spectrum of facilities it offers, and it’s standing in the educational domain.

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