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A year again @ iridium Interactive

This is an anniversary reminiscence. I’ve been a part of the workforce of iridium Interactive for the past one year.

So when I started, I was more relieved than happy (not downsizing the happiness factor). I felt somebody discovered me literally and that’s always a great feeling. To keep an exploring eye on a workforce (“employee” maybe too flat) every time is even more remarkable. I can relish in that because I believe in being fruitful in whatever way I can be.

I have traveled in all corners of the workplace, teamed up with different guys on different assignments and done different things I essentially enjoyed doing. If I haven’t enjoyed any, it has definitely been noted. I blogged remarkably after coming to iridium Interactive. I explored JQuery too at Iridium. I got to visit Google in my living flesh after I joined iridium Interactive. Definitely, the dot they put the dot on was in my psyche.

I have seen those distinct “circles” forming in the social sphere (some of which I have tried to fit in) within the workforce. On the lighter side aside from work, there still maybe more listeners than performers, a gap which maybe bridging fast. Besides, I am finding good old bachelors waning into their new-found family lives. It had to happen and I know that well.

Currently, I am recovering from all attempts to produce satisfaction if not happiness, and spreading my stuff on the table for the world to choose from. I should be feeling like a beginner somewhere after aging and probably maturing to whatever limit I have. That’s because only a fresh plate is served generously into.

I love iridium Interactive to be honest. I sincerely wish I could contribute ever more from my pool of skills and potential to this company.



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