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A year again @ iridium Interactive

This is an anniversary reminiscence. I’ve been a part of the workforce of iridium Interactive for the past one year. So when I started, I was more relieved than happy (not downsizing the happiness factor). I felt somebody discovered me literally and that’s always a great feeling. To keep an exploring eye on a workforce (“employee” maybe too flat) every time is even more remarkable. I can relish in that

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iridium Interactive Premier League Season 3

Here I go, with my first post on iridium Interactive Blog and I don’t find a better occasion than this to start blogging about “IIPL 3” or iridium Interactive Premier League- Season 3, the most awaited event at iridium. The day started with a little confusion for the newbie’s of hyderabad had trouble finding the right ground in Redhills. However, the cricket match started on time with a bang. The

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Bridging Distances at iridium Interactive

How much is too much, we often pondered? Sometimes bridging the gap between the 1st and the 4th floor of an office  improves communication  so much better.  So we set about bridging the gap between the Sales & Marketing and the Delivery Team by consolidating our entire operations on to a Single, Bigger Floor in the 4th floor. This meant a lot of clitter and clatter. Monday turned out to

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