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The Livelihood School is an academic institution promoted by BASIX group, a modern livelihood promotion institution. Livelihood involvements are conscious efforts by an organization to encourage livelihood opportunities for the masses, particularly the rural poor and women.

The primary goal of this school is to build a knowledge base on livelihoods and disseminate the same to livelihood practitioners, who will then promote a large number of livelihoods. The Livelihood School aimed to help participants acquire a broad perspective on different models of livelihood promotion; understand the process of livelihood support adopted by different intervention agencies; and appreciate that livelihoods can be promoted or supported in many different ways.However, as they learnt all too soon, there are two significant bottlenecks witnessed in the field of livelihood promotion: inadequate availability of a knowledge base on how to support and promote large number of livelihoods, and inadequate availability of trained human resources who can participate in this work effectively.The school realized that an intervening agency was needed to chart the path of promoting livelihoods and provide a framework for analyzing livelihood intervention choices in understanding the process with the choices offered. Given ii’s experience in handling projects on sustainable livelihood programs, they approached iridium Interactive (ii) to provide a framework for analyzing various design elements of a livelihood intervention and also to lay out the choices available to an intervention agency on design parameters.

Solution proposed

The team at ii worked closely with the Livelihood School to develop a comprehensive training solution, utilizing full audio narration, animations, high-quality graphics, advanced simulations and tests. ii enabled an effective and consistent learning and knowledge transfer throughout the learning sessions at the Livelihood School. As the visual design team at ii which worked on this project pointed out, “The Livelihood project was an exceptional e-Learning module right from initiation, and design to development and implementation. Overall, it provided us great learning experiences, both personal and professional. The first module of the training course gives a description of livelihoods; the second module addresses how livelihoods can be promoted, and the third module explains the framework for analyzing livelihood intervention choices.


ii charted out a solution which facilitated an analytical and systematic design of a livelihood strategy by clarifying an ambiguous training framework. The course is designed to be learner centric – the learner will be able to learn at his/her own pace, enabling 100% learning. The training module designed by ii has led to a noticeable increase in the training volume, generating more revenue and reaching more people. Based on e-learning, it can be used as standalone training, or as a supplement to the classroom training. Given that the training module was designed to be a self-learning one, the faculty was left free to focus on R&D, leading to qualitative improvement in curriculum. And finally, consistency of training was maintained across the geographies, cutting down on incurred costs. These tremendous results led Shankar Dutta from the BASIX group to exclaim, “We accomplished something that we never expected!”

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