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In the press !!!

Well Well..finally I’ve made it in life !!!! My pic is on the newspaper. You can see me in the paperclipping ,attending a call :). This report was featured on Deccan Post dated Sep18, 2008 de.jpg

Ideccan paper coverage

Its my privilege to talk about the other three you see here in the clipping …. Sriram, CEO of iridium Interactive, the company I am part of and proud to be associated with. As a person who began my career with NGOs , what attracted me to iridium Interactive in the first place was the importance the company accords to social responsibility – be it through the various social welfare activities of CauseanEffect or by training and employing disabled people or as crusaders of web accessibility. And Sriram has been at the helm of it all ..

You also see Rakesh, my colleague, who works as a software engineer and Raj Kishore who handles the front office. Guys with the most pleasant disposition, they really are an inspiration – the way they have handled adversities in life and emerged winners are perfect examples of what disabled people can do given the right opportunities. Three fantastic people ….read on to know more about them and the place we all work ….



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  • Hi; The trill of seeing ur pic in a newspaper is a cause and effect in itself.
    I understand ur enthu of being in there when u actually did not realise that u were being picture.
    Thtas simple photograph .cheers

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