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Many Twitter How To’s Answered

Q1) How can I change my Twitter Username?

Ans: When you signup for a new Twitter account, you are entitled to provide a real name and a username. The username you enter is what appears in your Twitter profile URL (Ex: and at the top left of your Twitter profile page next to your photo. Your username is also displayed in @(username) when someone replies back. This will be the name that the entire community will associate you with.  It’s therefore advisable to choose your username smartly as it will become a part of your brand on the Twitter Platform.

You may however change your Twitter usename by visiting your Twitter Account Settings page and entering your new username in the Username Box.  Please note that the username can not exceed 15 characters. Hence, you can not get a username such as: iridium Interactive as it exceeds the max number of characters. Twitter don’t allow spaces in usernames.

Q2) How do I block a Twitter Follower?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of spammers on Twitter whom you might want to block.

If someone follows you and you want to block that particular user,  simply log onto Twitter and go to that person’s profile page. Then select the “Block” option from the right hand sidebar (under the “Actions” heading). Remember, you can still view them in your public Twitter stream if you have blocked them, but they won’t appear on your Followers list and you won’t appear on their list as well.

block a follower

Q3) How do I edit a tweet which has been already published?

Sorry, there isn’t any edit option introduced by Twitter so far. You may however delete your tweet any time and republish it the way you wish to.

delete tweets

Q4) What is retweet?

If you like someone’s tweet, you can always Retweet (abbreviated as RT) and share it on your own Twitter profile. To do so, simply add RT and the original poster’s Twitter username within your tweet (for example, “RT @iridiuminter” would indicate you’re retweeting, or republishing, something that iridium interactive has published). You will find loads of twitter applications which provides you with an option to retweet or retweet with comment option in your profile.


Q5) What is hashtag?

A hashtag in Twitter is a keyword preceded by the “#” symbol used while tweeting. Hashtags generally help Twitter users to quickly find content related to a particular subject. For example, if I want to search for updates related to Iridium Interactive, I would go to (Internal Search of Twitter) and search for “iridium Interactive”. The search result will fetch all the tweets which contains the word Iridium Interactive in it or #iridium interactive or #iridium.

Q6) What is @reply?

While using Twitter for micro-blogging you’ve undoubtedly seen the @reply tag and heard the term ‘at reply’. An @reply is a reply to a particular tweet from one person directly to another that is published in the tweeter’s public Twitter stream and in the @reply recipient’s @username link (where ‘username’ is replaced with the person’s actual Twitter username) in the sidebar of that person’s Twitter profile page.

If you want to send a reply to someone on Twitter or send a private message (where you don’t want the message to appear in your Twitter stream or the other person’s @username link list), then you should use the Direct Message function in Twitter to send him/her a private message.

Please note that a @username reference in a tweet only counts in the form of @reply if it is at the beginning of the tweet. If the @reply reference is made in the middle a tweet, Twitter considers it to be a ‘mention’  and not a ‘reply’. However, both mentions and replies are included in the @username link in the sidebar of a user’s Twitter profile.

Q7) What is a URL Shortener?

Twitter allows only 140 characters per tweet. Sometimes URLs are so long they often use up all characters leaving no space for you to insert a message. URL Shortener helps shortening any particular URL you provide for Ex- . This is a great way to share a link with a message.

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