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Online reputation management – a iridium Interactive case study

Intellectual property aside, a company’s reputation is pretty much in the public domain. While everyone hopes that their company is well liked, it is a bad idea to take this assumption for granted. The internet’s increasing reach make it a medium hard to ignore. When your online reputation is taking a beating staying silent is not a good idea, as a client of ours discovered. The Case The client’s problem

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Online marketing for non profits: Increasing Awareness through Social media

This is the start of iridium Interactive’s marketing series for NGO’s. The three part series will speak about using Social Media to 1. Increase awareness 2. Raise funding 3. Increase volunteering In this post, we will focus on trying to using techniques we feel have worked for iridium’s clients and give you working principles of what you should concentrate on to raise awareness for your cause. Increasing awareness As social

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AeA launches Punni Ki Kahaniyan: Follow her on facebook now!

Aide et Action-South Asia along with its Social Media Partner, iridium Interactive and Print partner, The Hindu launched Punni ki Kahaniyan, a Short Film series about Multi Culturalism at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad on 26th October 2010. The initiative of Punni ki Kahaniyaan is aimed at fostering the values of multiculturalism and promoting cultural harmony in children by helping them understand other cultures through short films talking on these subjects. ‘Punni’

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Aide et Action South Asia signs up iridium Interactive as Social Media Partner

How powerful is the voice of the social public? It demonstrated considerable might during issues such as the Iran election, Haiti earthquake and the Pepsi refresh project. Now it’s time to use this medium for a much broader social change. Aide et Action [South Asia], an organization working to empower people by providing quality education to all, has launched an initiative called Punni Ki Kahaniyan, a series of short films

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Comments, anyone?

We’ve been here for a while, posting ideas on the blog and our thoughts about various happenings in the industry and trends that are set to shape how we use the internet. One thing that we notice everytime we post on the iridium blog is the lack of comments. And hey, this is no impassioned plea for you to click on the comments tab and start typing but more of

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Facebook Developer Garage Hosted by iridium Interactive

On 23rd of September, nearly 80 developers, students, company reps and enthusiasts walked into Hotel Golkonda for the first ever Facebook Developer Garage to be held in Hyderabad, the home of Facebook in India. Organized by iridium the event is being hosted for the first time in Hyderabad after succesfully being conducted in a number of cities all over the world. The entire objective of the Garage was to showcase

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If the Ramayana were to happen in the time of Facebook

In such a hyper connected world, is it possible to imagine that we can live without the internet? Can we now imagine life without that daily dose of connectivity that facebook provides us? Difficult. But there was a time when life was not as complicated as it now has become. This here is a light hearted take on what would happen if the Ramayana were to be live updated on

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How Social Media has changed humanity?

“It is our nature to be social”, true, and I could not help but wonder how social media has given a whole new meaning to the word “social”. It has opened doors to meet new people, make bigger communities, and most importantly provided a platform to talk your mind out. With the advent of Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and countless other social networks, least have we realized how this has

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Social Media Policy of iridium Interactive

Companies have made it big and some companies have made blunders with social media. When Nestle’s social media representative got rude with their already enraged consumers, things snowballed and Nestle once reputed for its transparency was jeered at for their non courteousness. Social Media Policy or the policy that keeps employees within boundaries is much needed for any company who wants to control its social media endeavours. iridium Interactive has

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Social Media for NGOs..4 Starters to Get You Moving

Organizations need a variety of online supporters. They need customers who buy their products, evangelists who promote their brand, mavens who add intellectual value, their own employees who speak out and increase the goodwill towards the brand and a silent audience of undecided’s who fall in none of these categories. Large organizations are blessed with followers and fans instantly. Their timelines and fan pages are bombarded with complaints, compliments and

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