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AeA launches Punni Ki Kahaniyan: Follow her on facebook now!

punni ki kahaniyan

punni ki kahaniyan

Aide et Action-South Asia along with its Social Media Partner, iridium Interactive and Print partner, The Hindu launched Punni ki Kahaniyan, a Short Film series about Multi Culturalism at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad on 26th October 2010. The initiative of Punni ki Kahaniyaan is aimed at fostering the values of multiculturalism and promoting cultural harmony in children by helping them understand other cultures through short films talking on these subjects. ‘Punni’ is the animated narrator of the ‘Punni Ki Kahaniyan’, that acts both as a narrator and observer in the Films.

iridium Interactive, as the Social Media Partner has been associated with Aide et Action right from conceptualizing the online branding of Punni to the launch of the film series. Tireless efforts have been put to bring in identity to Punni in the social media. Punni has been promoted in the Social Media circles by a wide range of activities on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Twibbons, News Portals and a whole range of other Social Media initiatives.

Sriram Bharatam, CEO and Founder, iridiumInteractive and Sania Mirza at the launch event

Sriram Bharatam, CEO and Founder, iridiumInteractive and Sania Mirza at the launch event

The launch event comprised of an audience of over 1,200 enthusiastic children from over 30 schools in Hyderabad and they sure added a lot of enthusiasm to the proceedings! The enthusiasm of the children was palpable as they clapped and sang right from the prayer song till the end of the launch, adding immense zest and energy to the proceedings. The screening was preceded by messages of multiculturalism to the children by Ravi Pratap Singh, Regional Director, AEAI South Asia, P. Ranga Reddy, Regional General Manager, The Hindu, Rajiva Wijesinha, MP from Sri Lanka and Ganesh Devi, Educationist. All the Speakers drove across the point of multi culturalism in their own ways. While Ravi Pratap Singh narrated his childhood experiences, Rajiva Wijesinha amazingly compared multi culturalism with a bouquet of flowers. He said “The bouquet looks good because of many flowers, but what makes the bouquet beautiful is that the flowers are of many colors”, thereby driving home the need to recognize ethnic diversity.

What followed later was the screening of the first film in the series of Punni Ki Kahaniyan which was cheered by the children amidst loud whistles and claps. Post the screening Sania Mirza, the Indian Tennis Star talked on how Sports does not recognize differences in language, religion or color. She added that she is humbled by the fact that she gets to play for the Nation and that she wishes that every child gets to serve the Nation in their own way.

Sriram Bharatam of iridium Interactive narrated a very interesting story that stressed on the need for children to look beyond their boundaries and actively explore new things. His story drove home the morals of Cultural acceptance, shunning the herd mentality and realize their true potential. His account of his childhood experiences helped children connect with him. RP Patnaik, music director, also echoed the same sentiments and sang ‘Saare jahan se achcha’ which the children happily participated in.

Saniz Mirza, Sriram Bharatam and RP Patnaik presented accolades to the children who were the cast of Punni Ki Kahaniyan.

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