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Online marketing for non profits: Increasing Awareness through Social media

This is the start of iridium Interactive’s marketing series for NGO’s. The three part series will speak about using Social Media to

1. Increase awareness
2. Raise funding
3. Increase volunteering

In this post, we will focus on trying to using techniques we feel have worked for iridium’s clients and give you working principles of what you should concentrate on to raise awareness for your cause.

Increasing awareness

As social media continues to dominate internet timespend, it is but obvious that this is a channel you need to capitalize on and increase your reach at minimal cost. However, as NGOs occupy a major chunk of social media space it becomes necessary for you to not just differentiate but also have a much more interesting and involved approach towards social media engagement. Opening a facebook and a twitter account, pestering your network to like the page or to follow your twitter handle, although essential isn’t the be all end all of things. Here are three simple principles for you to follow:

The messaging:

Your product is as good as your message. Short or long, it must communicate something to your users, fans and viewers. Updates thus are the point where you either get shared or hidden or get your page unliked. Someone who likes your page would obviously be looking to learn more about your cause and you should try to keep your updates in line with this. Communicate what you want to but ensure that your tone is conversational and maintains the standard you have started with. Use a lot of videos and pictures which communicate your message directly with the minimum lag in understanding. Not only will your message get watched, read or viewed, it also has a higher likelihood of being shared which is what actually contributes to enhanced reach.

The engagement:

Speak to your fans. Let no comment/post go unreplied to. This helps build a rapport with your fans and can be a pleasant surprise to them when you speak to them in a friendly way. Without becoming intrusive, stay connected with your fans and engage them. Keep a cheerful tone and stay at it!

Social plugins:

Get a facebook like box, get a twibbon, get a youtube channel and spread the word. The more places that you garner social sharing, the more chances of you increasing your reach and spreading awareness to a greater demographic.

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