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Actionaid is an international anti-poverty agency whose aim is to fight poverty worldwide. Formed in 1972, it is helping over 13 million of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people in 46 countries worldwide. Actionaid International (AAI) works with local partners in every region, ranging from small community support groups to national alliances and international networks.


With a highly decentralized mode of operations and over 2,000 local partner organizations worldwide, AAI was looking for an efficient way of tracking the internal processes of every organizational unit. The solution would also need to centrally store the outcomes of these processes.

Action Aid especially approached iridium Interactive (ii) for this project. Given ii’s culture of social consciousness, AAI was confident “that we would not only understand the domain, but also work with a level of passion that matches theirs,” states ii CEO, Sriram Bharatam. And AAI required a solution that would be crucial to supporting and strengthening AAI’s rights-based work.


After several meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions with AAI, ii designed and implemented a Process Flow Management System for internal processes. This was christened ALPS – Accountability, Learning and Planning System. This initiative aims to create a mechanism through which processes are tracked and documents can be linked and accessed by stakeholders for the defined processes.

ALPS is a framework that sets out the key accountability requirements, guidelines, and processes in AAI – not only in terms of organizational processes for planning, monitoring, strategy formulation, learning, reviewing and auditing, but also personal attitudes and behaviors.

ALPS was designed to empower the stakeholders to manage, create, update, review, and approve documents associated with different processes. A global calendaring system was built in, allowing referencing by all the stakeholders to track the status of each of the processes, based on their pre-defined business rules and roles. A comprehensive process workflow is present as well.

ii also incorporated a robust search mechanism within ALPS to enable process/ document search based on pre-defined parameters. Finally, ALPS has a global dashboard at the International Secretariat, Regional, Country, and Development levels, incorporating the different and distinct processes that exist at each level.


ii completed the project on time, on budget and as per its scope. ALPS, a global project accommodating varied user requirements, helped AAI in streamlining processes and improved transparency between organizational units. In providing easy access to processes and related documents, ALPS enables real time access to information.

ALPS is being extensively used by AAI users across 4 continents and 46 countries for managing their processes.

With ALPS, ii had the gratification of having developed a product that captured users’ imagination and also of being part of a noble cause. In working on this project, ii found a complementary partner as equally alive to social reality and obligations as we are. And what did AAI have to say about us? “Technical excellence, responsiveness, ability to deliver, ability to understand our domain which is quite different from other commercial organizations.” -Tarun Bhatnagar

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