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NASSCOM is a global trade body with over 1200 members, of which over 250 are global companies from the US, UK, EU, Japan and China. NASSCOM has 6 regional offices spread across India (comprising six departments), and around 100 members. Employees of NASSCOM are mostly involved in activities like preparing consulting, IT trade and other IT industry practices reports.

NASSCOM has a repository of hundreds of documents in HR, research, consulting, white papers, case studies and more, all in various formats and file sizes. For NASSCOM these resources are a wealth of information, and need to be managed appropriately. NASSCOM needed a more efficient way of managing, updating & distributing important documents.They were also looking to take advantage of internet-based technologies to enable employees of various teams to work together efficiently and in a seamless manner. Finally, NASSCOM wanted to improve interaction between employees and administration, create a sense of community among the team members and offer employees a common platform to share team views and get updates on the happenings at NASSCOM. Given iridium Interactive‘s (ii) extensive experience and impeccable track record with building such systems, NASSCOM confidently handed the project over to us.

Solution Proposed
For NASSCOM, ii deployed an intranet solution using Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) as the development platform. The intranet provides relevant information to users engaged in research, events, forums, initiatives, HR and GTD activities.The intranet solution leverages the power of MOSS 2007 in creating collaborative workspaces, allowing for efficient maintenance of a document library, facilitating a reliable enterprise wide search and connecting the users through portals.Team sites were created, consisting of special privileges for team members, allowing them to share their collaborative documents/calendar and team details. The ‘GYAANX’ document library section enables employees to easily search for and view documents under various categories. Another interesting feature is ‘My Workspace’ – a personalized section for each employee of NASSCOM, where they can publish their personal profile and activity chart. Other innovative add-ons provided by us include board room/dial-in bridge booking, quizzes and polls, leave applications, and public forums. ii also made use of third party application integration for features like Global Time Zones, Currency Converting and Live Stock Exchange Updates.

The solution implemented by ii has proved beneficial for the internal users of NASSCOM. It has become much easier to search for and use relevant documents. “The central document repository that we created is helping our employees find standardized documents and reports in one place, which saves time,” points out Avinash Raghava, Northern Region Manager for NASSCOM. Additionally, NASSCOM employees and administration now have a mode in which to communicate their interests and viewpoints. All in all, a sense of community has been created for the users. Innovative features such as Employee Facebook, Employee of the Month, Editor of the Month, etc. have been received very well by the employees and the administration.

About ii
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