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Why consumers befriend their companies on social media?

Customers get in touch with their favorite companiesTo cut a long story short, social media was first introduced for networking, socializing, tracing back old friends, school friends etc. Like minded people started discussing their common topics. They discuss, complain and even rave about their favorite or not so favorite brands here.

Companies have their own reasons of joining the social network bandwagon as I have already discussed before, and so do customers who have already mastered the social networking sphere for their own purposes.

Here are some of the reasons why customers befriend companies on social media sites:

  • It is considered cool to be associated with your brand on such forums.
  • Or to simply be aware of offers and discounts they might avail (majority do this).
  • Just to be up-to-date with company information in real time.
  • Or even gain access to company information, exclusive only to company fans and friends.
  • Sometimes to show support for their loyal brands.
  • Follow the herd and be associated with brand making news.

Whatever the reason may be, this has surely provided an incentive to every company to promote their brands on social media, to leverage their marketing efforts by communicating with their community of followers.

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