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Aide et Action South Asia signs up iridium Interactive as Social Media Partner

How powerful is the voice of the social public? It demonstrated considerable might during issues such as the Iran election, Haiti earthquake and the Pepsi refresh project. Now it’s time to use this medium for a much broader social change. Aide et Action [South Asia], an organization working to empower people by providing quality education to all, has launched an initiative called Punni Ki Kahaniyan, a series of short films

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Comments, anyone?

We’ve been here for a while, posting ideas on the blog and our thoughts about various happenings in the industry and trends that are set to shape how we use the internet. One thing that we notice everytime we post on the iridium blog is the lack of comments. And hey, this is no impassioned plea for you to click on the comments tab and start typing but more of

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You are your Online Reputation

I do agree social media is one place where you have to give up a lot of control, but if you think that social media has taken full control on your brand then doomsday is not very far. Your brand’s online reputation accounts primarily for whatever you have done for your company to gain that standing. It is very important to understand that reputation management is how you are portraying

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Measuring the Return on Influence of Social Media

“If you cant measure it, you can’t manage it.” as rightly quoted by management guru, Peter Drucker. This is exactly what social media monitoring attempts to do. There are millions of conversations happening and by now if you have been reading my blogs, the message is loud and clear. If you cannot measure them with a predefined set of benchmarks then you cannot [do brand management] manage what is being

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Monitoring the Sentiment behind every Social Media Conversation

“We have seen a clear evolution in demands from our customers. They are better informed and far more sophisticated in their expectations and requirements.”- Mark Redgrave of Hapax. True!! With the advent of social media they now have their own platform to express their views and opinions. The main intention behind social media monitoring is to track these conversations as I have mentioned earlier. Determining if these conversations are positive

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Why consumers befriend their companies on social media?

To cut a long story short, social media was first introduced for networking, socializing, tracing back old friends, school friends etc. Like minded people started discussing their common topics. They discuss, complain and even rave about their favorite or not so favorite brands here. Companies have their own reasons of joining the social network bandwagon as I have already discussed before, and so do customers who have already mastered the social

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Classic Case of what not to do on Social Media!!

Social Media Etiquette and handling PR is very critical to a company in social media. Consumer interactions have compelled companies to plunge into social media to be a part of these conversations. Today I was reading what could be the biggest social media/PR debacle ever. I am talking about the food giant Nestle who, till a few days back was a renowned chocolatier with fans all over the world. Today

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Social Media Etiquettes

Social media is like any face-to-face conversation. It is essential to understand the proper way to converse and behave online. I feel it is important to throw some light on social media etiquette and “why” people should be at their best just as they are in a live social environment. While there are many social media experts who talk about keeping your individual style, urging us to voice our opinions

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Social Media and B2B Marketing

So far all I have shared with you is the use of social media to address your audience, in particular consumers. But on a wider perspective our audience- our stakeholders- consist of our clients, employees, suppliers, or even consultants and vendors we deal with in our day to day business. Social media marketing and networking is clearly a means but not an end to nurture every business relationship. B2B is

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