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Online marketing for non profits: Increasing Awareness through Social media

This is the start of iridium Interactive’s marketing series for NGO’s. The three part series will speak about using Social Media to 1. Increase awareness 2. Raise funding 3. Increase volunteering In this post, we will focus on trying to using techniques we feel have worked for iridium’s clients and give you working principles of what you should concentrate on to raise awareness for your cause. Increasing awareness As social

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AeA launches Punni Ki Kahaniyan: Follow her on facebook now!

Aide et Action-South Asia along with its Social Media Partner, iridium Interactive and Print partner, The Hindu launched Punni ki Kahaniyan, a Short Film series about Multi Culturalism at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad on 26th October 2010. The initiative of Punni ki Kahaniyaan is aimed at fostering the values of multiculturalism and promoting cultural harmony in children by helping them understand other cultures through short films talking on these subjects. ‘Punni’

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Comments, anyone?

We’ve been here for a while, posting ideas on the blog and our thoughts about various happenings in the industry and trends that are set to shape how we use the internet. One thing that we notice everytime we post on the iridium blog is the lack of comments. And hey, this is no impassioned plea for you to click on the comments tab and start typing but more of

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Integrating Traditional Marketing and Social Media

While writing a lot on social media marketing and reading a very interesting case study on traditional marketing versus social media, I understood one common debate marketing experts and social media experts have constantly- do traditional marketing and social media contradict each other or compliment? Think of the evolution of marketing from radio to television ads, from newspapers ads to billboards and print media; these newer techniques may have evolved

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Taking the Baby Steps to Social Media

After sharing the C’s to Social Media or the basic approach to it, lets get on to implementing them in your organizations.There are no defined classes for teaching Social Media yet but from my experience with iridium Interactive, social media marketing takes time to learn and understand. Social media is a risky venture because when it goes wrong it can spell disaster for the company and its brand. Not to

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Marketers Must-Have Social Media Marketing "Clicks"…You Need Them Now

Social Media Marketing is a powerful marketing medium…not in the traditional marketing sense. It does not mean that all other marketing strategies have been abandoned, yet the shift is happening without the hype. If you are wearing the hat of a CMO, a marketing-communications executive today, I know exactly what is creating the dilemma..what is keeping you thinking. What is the right marketing mix to invest in? What do I

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Social Media Fundamentals with a flavor of "Marketing"

Knowing that Social Media is a need not a choice…I am now sharing with you the flavor of “Social Media Marketing“. Social Media is driven by the people, solely for the people and is here to stay, tools may change or may get sophisticated. I was reading this somewhere and it immediately caught my attention- 78% people believe in peer recommendations and only 14% believe in advertisements. It was then

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Social Media for your Business is Not a Choice..Its a Need

What took the radio 38 years to accomplish, Facebook achieved double of it within 9 months? Well, I am talking about the 1 billion users Facebook recently achieved. Social media has transformed the way consumers respond to you. Traditional marketing was all about creating a need for consumers but now it is catering to the needs of consumers- its the network effect. Shouting and hard selling will not reach people.

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DNA Mumbai Edition Feature on Social Media and the Web Do gooders- an interview with Sriram Bharatam

A web of do-gooders R Krishna / DNA Sunday, December 27, 2009 0:48 IST Mumbai: Sriram Bharatam, founder and CEO, iridium Interactive, an internet consultancy firm based in Hyderabad, runs a non-profit called Cause an Effect Foundation. Last week, the foundation installed a water treatment facility in a village near Hyderabad. Bharatam, who was in the village to oversee the operations, started tweeting and updating his Facebook status message about

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