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Bharat Infratech

The Bharat Group is an emerging player in the real estate sector. It builds high-end apartments targeting the elite section of society. When they approached iridium Interactive (ii), they were still relatively unknown in the market.


“Land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for, because it’s the only thing that lasts,” pointed out Gerald O’Hara in ‘Gone with the Wind’ and nowhere is this more obvious than in the booming Indian real estate business. The sector sees a large number of players and stiff competition, so one needs to cut through the clutter and stand out from the crowd. The Bharat Group wanted to build their brand and extend their reach by leveraging the online medium. They were looking at building a strong online presence, all the way from scratch to new heights. For this purpose, they approached Iridium Interactive (ii), which is recognized for its innovative approach to online marketing.

Solution Proposed
Before building the website, ii first studied the target group and its psychology – what makes people buy homes, and what they look for in their home. The results from these brainstorming and ‘insight’ sessions led ii to plan a 3-phased strategic website. In phase 1, we created an attractive website that was mapped to customer behavior of this high-income target group. This meant creating a site as elegant and luxurious as the tastes of the target audience. The site had to be understated and non-aggressive, yet convey all information, and attract and retain interest of the prospective buyer. The major challenge in securing real estate investments is people’s fear of investing a large amount of money with little assurance. To address this, phase 2 was an innovative and enjoyable one that beamed live pictures from the construction site through webcams to people’s computer. Not only did this ensure complete transparency of the process of construction, but (an all-important consideration given today’s traffic situation!), it freed people from the hassle of visiting the site to check on work. Another unusual idea was to display the certificates and permission letters obtained from requisite authorities on the site, to assure customers about safe running of the construction work. For phase 3, we designed a customer interaction mission enabling the customer to check his accounts and question any discrepancies arising with the concerned personnel.


Today Bharat Infratech has built a viable brand name for itself thanks to its innovative website and supporting online marketing campaigns. As a part of Bharat’s online advertising, ii does strategy building, and places ads in leading newspaper and finance portals. We measure the success of these and report back to the Bharat group. In addition, ii also took up offline branding initiatives (displaying banners and hoardings) and integrated these successfully with online marketing efforts to ensure coherence of communication. The Bharat Group has been so pleased with the success of the current campaign that soon online public relations and media activities will also be launched.

About ii
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