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Fortis Healthcare is India’s fastest growing healthcare chain, with facilities spread across North India. It offers super-specialty and multi-specialty treatment at its hospitals, creating a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system. The Fortis Group – including the Escorts Hospital Group – has 12 facilities.


“The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.” Fortis wanted to create several micro sites linked to the mother site in a manner as to allow for future additions. But at the same time it sought to avoid the clutter which would arise from excessive information in the several micro sites. To manage this vast store of content and package it in manageable and web friendly proportions was a challenge. Fortis was also insistent that the websites should mirror and highlight Fortis’ medical and intellectual leadership in the healthcare sector.In a follow up to its success with previous healthcare sites. iridium Interactive (ii) brought to bear its experience in creating multiple micro websites for Fortis.


ii came up with an overall design that integrated independent micro sites featuring the individual facilities within the Fortis chain. We worked closely to nail down the look and feel of the website to reflect the organisation’s brand image. We created information pages, virtual tours (that load instantly) of all facilities, health tools, guides of common medical ailments and their treatment, physician’s directories, and online appointment pages. In essence ii produced a mini-site for every hospital under the Fortis Healthcare banner, but the design was kept consistent with that of the mother site so that the navigation stayed familiar. Keeping in mind Fortis’ ambitions of cashing in on the boom in medical tourism, ii designed a separate section devoted to and targeted at foreigners looking at medical care in India. This section has specific information addressing the foreign patient’s concerns. Then, the Medical Professionals Section was built with the explicit objective of showcasing the many initiatives undertaken by Fortis. It is targeted at the entire spectrum of the medical fraternity.


ii was successful in creating a comprehensive yet compact site as per the client requirements. The content was split into sub heads and sections eliminating unrelated information and facilitating easy scanning by visitors; especially so for the ‘medical professionals’ section where the highly specific content is rapidly building up Fortis’ image as a proactive leader in the healthcare and medical domain. The creative handling of the Fortis logo (in Flash) was well appreciated, reinforcing as it did the company’s position as a world-class yet caring healthcare chain.

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