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Wow! Hyderabad is an established and popular print magazine with a wide circulation. After the huge success of the Wow! Hyderabad magazine, an online version seemed the logical next step.


The publishers wanted to replicate the brand and the experience Wow! Hyderabad generated through a web version. The website would reach out to the Hyderabadi diaspora, replicating and reflecting the same experience and vibrancy as its cousin on paper.The objective behind this move was to reach out to a wider audience, one not limited geographically, and ensure that expatriate Hyderabadis were informed of the happenings in their city. The imperative in such an initiative was the need to ensure that the web version was ready simultaneously with the print issue, which meant a monthly deadline. Additionally, to keep the subscriptions rolling and revenue flowing in, the whole subscription process and access procedure was to be made a simplified one. In short, the online version would have to function as a revenue generator is its own right.

Solution Proposed

The team at iridium Interactive (ii) worked hard to co-ordinate the offline and online avatars of the brand. A special team worked to simply ensure that content and images were uploaded in sync with the launch of the print issues. The site was designed to accommodate high-density transition images, scrolling flash banner headlines and announcements. The ii team made it a point to keep the site colorful and create a strong visual impact, reflecting in essence, the spirit of Hyderabad itself. The overall look of the site mirrored the print issue and several visual tools were used to keep the site ‘alive’ and eye catching.Additional features like photo sharing, communities, etc. were included to make it an interactive experience for the users. The community section, for instance, informs readers of the social developments in the city. The subscription process was conceived of as a simple form which made it easy for overseas readers and subscribers to register for, pay and access the site.


Wow! Hyderabad online is very well received by the target segment as it links them with their city from wherever they are seated. Features on the website like photo sharing, community-based articles and news, keeps expatriates informed of the happenings in their home town, and allows them to share views and thoughts with their community. Wow! Hyderabad captures social events, cultural reviews and the latest parties, which brings the reader closer and in touch with his beloved city. The website has captured the interest of its readers as it is rich in content, which is informative and entertaining at the same time. The simple subscription and access procedure eliminates any hassles in paying for or accessing the site; this has increased the revenue streams through subscriptions. Advertisers in the print issue also get visibility on the website. This has raised their awareness to new avenues for advertising, resulting in increased and new advertising for WOW! Hyderabad.

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