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numerouno.jpg Numero Uno is India’s earliest and leading denim apparel manufacturer. Over the years, it has metamorphosed into a dynamic and responsive brand for the youth. It is one of the few international brands that fuse international trends, innovative fabrics, washes, and treatments with accessible pricing.

The idea behind revamping the Numero Uno site was to maintain, and even enhance the aura that the company enjoys. It would also serve as a platform to showcase the company’s collections, and to expand the brand’s customer base. An underlying objective was to make the site a testing ground for fashion trends.

Numero Uno is associated with classy styles and a sensual attitude; this had to be reflected in its website as well. This was achieved through a vibrant portfolio section and various community building tools. ii used several flash effects: images that scrolled, faded and merged, with visuals of casually sexy models. A section was devoted to the various collections, designs and products launched by the client. The site also features an innovative movie about how a pair of jeans is created.
The ‘Fashion Forecast’ section enableS Numero Uno to test the waters of fashion trends. ii also created an online club within the site to enable Numero Uno to build a database of visitors and facilitate long-term relationship building. The site also seeks to expand the company’s audience and to create brand loyalty through the introduction of the Talent Support section. The Talent Support section is a very innovative way of bringing modeling talent to the fore by creating an in-house community of aspiring, would-be models.
The website now functions as a precursor to the company’s new collections and also as a very useful trend-spotting medium for their fashion designers.

The exciting visuals and innovative design of the website mirror Numero Uno’s marketing and advertising campaigns and keeps the site aligned with the whole brand experience. The flash images, hi-definition visuals and flash effects combine to create a site that is a “must-see”. The result: the site receives numerous hits and a growing number of registered visitors. This in turn has helped extend the brand’s reach. The registered visitors get online promotional material, newsletters and information on forthcoming events, styles, and products.
The online club provides visitors with a peephole into the world of fashion. It also provides Numero Uno with an insight into the direction fashion is taking, giving it a head start in launching products to meet those trends; in short, the company’s efforts to be numero uno has been given a fillip by its online presence.
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