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amityuniv.jpg Amity University is recognized as the largest and the top private B-school in India with a student strength of over 50,000 spread over 700 acres of high-tech campus. They are equipped with world-class infrastructure, and have a reputed and experienced faculty.

Amity wanted a website that reflected their international standards. They sought to have an innovative concept and design to showcase information on Amity. They were especially keen on providing an online hi-tech learning environment with an effortless navigation structure.
Amity assigned iridium Interactive (ii) the task of creating a website to reflect the reputation and excellence one associates Amity with.

To commence the task, ii first studied in depth how exactly Amity wanted its website to look, the features they was most keen on, and their priorities for an online presence. Based on these insights, ii used a combination of flash-based links and micro-sites to concentrate all the information and create a hi-tech, interactive and learning environment. The look, feel and the architecture of the site was designed to be uncluttered and visually attractive.
Since the majority of visitors to the site would be students, prominence was given to the presentation of the Programs and Admissions sections. The Schools under the Amity banner, Campuses and Higher Education sections, were placed centrally on the home page to enable direct and easy access. Since the site would have a number of micro-sites, ii had to collate and organize a vast amount of content, information and data. The micro-sites were designed with a consistent navigation format, and the information was focused and relevant to each micro-site. ii also built in a one-on-one online counseling module to provide students and counselors easy, comfortable and confidential access to each other.

Since the revamping of Amity’s website, traffic to the site has increased, with an increase in the number of information-seeking hits. Also, navigation has been simplified to ensure a pleasant and user-friendly experience to visitors. The site has become a leading source of information on Amity. A testament to the usefulness and power of the site is the fact that most of the admissions to Amity’s several institutes are now chiefly done online. Not only students, but recruiters as well find it a key source of information. This has led to a massive reduction of costs, and has increased the operating efficiencies of Amity’s establishments.

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