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You are your Online Reputation

ReputationI do agree social media is one place where you have to give up a lot of control, but if you think that social media has taken full control on your brand then doomsday is not very far. Your brand’s online reputation accounts primarily for whatever you have done for your company to gain that standing. It is very important to understand that reputation management is how you are portraying the brand plus what others perceive your brand as. You ultimately hold the keys to your reputation. Any bad customer feedback you can both respond in a well mannered way to appease your customer or take a haughty stance and disappoint many more customers.

Here are some methods I feel can help you manage and guard your reputation:

1. Filter what is being said about your company on various social networks. A good social media monitoring can help you turn scattered information on the web into powerful trends & insights about you at a click of your dashboard.

2. Educate employees on the intent for your company’s social media initiative. It is not their personal social network but a corporate forum to interact with customers.

3. Be cordial and approachable while on the social network.

4. Handle negative customer comments with dignity and poise.

5. Do not bad talk any other brand. They will figure it out anyways. Rephrasing a famous quote “keep your fans close but keep your competitors closer”. Competitive analysis about you and your competition is something social media monitoring can give you where you can compare apples to apples and apples to oranges. For example, it can simply find out about a particular feature of your car v/s your competitors and get all the intelligence of what people think and how they perceive your brand.

So, if you are a smart company, understand the big message. Not having the social media presence and intelligence is now considered at par with not having a company website…now you understand…now let us act

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