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Online reputation management – a iridium Interactive case study

Intellectual property aside, a company’s reputation is pretty much in the public domain. While everyone hopes that their company is well liked, it is a bad idea to take this assumption for granted. The internet’s increasing reach make it a medium hard to ignore. When your online reputation is taking a beating staying silent is not a good idea, as a client of ours discovered. The Case The client’s problem

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You are your Online Reputation

I do agree social media is one place where you have to give up a lot of control, but if you think that social media has taken full control on your brand then doomsday is not very far. Your brand’s online reputation accounts primarily for whatever you have done for your company to gain that standing. It is very important to understand that reputation management is how you are portraying

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SWOT Analysis of Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring may have started to allure your decision to monitor your social media space but just to give your a reality check, everything comes with a cheque if you do not know their limitations. So now I am presenting to you the Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities and Threats (T) of Social Media Monitoring. Strengths Analyzes what is being said about your company. This produces value for the

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Measuring the Return on Influence of Social Media

“If you cant measure it, you can’t manage it.” as rightly quoted by management guru, Peter Drucker. This is exactly what social media monitoring attempts to do. There are millions of conversations happening and by now if you have been reading my blogs, the message is loud and clear. If you cannot measure them with a predefined set of benchmarks then you cannot [do brand management] manage what is being

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Monitoring the Sentiment behind every Social Media Conversation

“We have seen a clear evolution in demands from our customers. They are better informed and far more sophisticated in their expectations and requirements.”- Mark Redgrave of Hapax. True!! With the advent of social media they now have their own platform to express their views and opinions. The main intention behind social media monitoring is to track these conversations as I have mentioned earlier. Determining if these conversations are positive

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What Free Social Media Monitoring Tools cannot do for you

There are many options available for companies to measure their social branding and reputation, a few of which I have discussed in my last blog. Some more analytical tools that are worth mentioning are Google Blog search, Summarize or Twitter Search, Google Alerts, Trendpedia and Blogpulse. The web list seems to be getting infinite and this can create confusion for a company. As I would put it, these free tools are

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Why Social Media Monitoring?

With my experience with iridium in this sphere for some time, it is my observation that social media is spreading like wild fire and it is every company’s desire to be a part of what is being said about them, their brands, products, services and finally, their reputation in the market. Social media includes blogs, forums, wikis, tags and any user generated content. This is where consumers and users saw

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A Primer On Social Media Monitoring

After taking a deep dive into social media and marketing, we will now turn the tide towards introducing an integral part of social media, namely social media monitoring. This is imperative to every company who wants to measure their activities on social media. Also known as social reputation management, or online reputation management, social media monitoring serves more than gathering metrics on your social media initiatives.

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Organisations, be they established centuries old global MNCs or bootstrapped startups are always on the lookout for ways and means to spread their buzz among the teeming hundreds and millions.A Decorative Paints company would want to reach out and market its latest variant and products from across its wide portfolio such as Oil Bound Distemper or Plastic Emulsion to its end consumers or even influencers like painters, builders and architects.

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