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Is your twitter account hacked?

According to the Quantcast Audience Profile, Twitter ranks among the top 50 site that reaches over 27 million people on a monthly basis in US itself.

But what is twitter? For all those who are not following @sbharatam‘s iiwisdomseries on Twitter, it is a micro-blogging tool which acts like your personal radio station where you can broadcast live by sending short messages or (tweets) whenever you like on whatever you want. It is like instant messaging with more widespread visibility.

I have seen many a times twittizens do not realise when they give their account details for better services to potential hackers. Can you ever imagine that your favorite twitter account being hacked? You will not have access to your profile, nor will you be able to find out whats your friends are currently tweeting. Isnt that frustrating!!

Hacked twiter account

Do you offer a helping hand to the hackers trying to get an easy access to your twitter account?

It may sound a bit strange, but the answer is “Yes”.  Lets take an instance. I want a software for twitter that can provide me the best way of using Twitter. I searched for the same at a popular search engine and found out Tweetdeck which is a free twitter application which can be installed in various OS Platforms Windows, Linux and Mac. At any point during downloading the application it can ask you for your twitter credentials, without thinking much I give my password and username details. This is where we are at a potential risk of having our accounts hacked.

There are countless third party applications available on the web promising you better user experiences on your twitter account. These applications are free to use and tends to have an access of your account through Twitter connections, whenever you accept and give them the permission to post on your behalf of your twitter account, you are allowing a potential hacker to hack your account.

How do you protect your Twitter Account?

In order to protect your twitter account from getting hacked, its always advisable to use the least number of third party applications while using your Twitter. Incase, you happen to use some third party application, do ensure that you verify the nature of the third party twitter application and ensure that its not a plot to hack your account. At the same time, do keep a note of the applications, which you granted the access to your account. You may find them in details at

PS: The instances used in the above post have been used to explain you how serious this issue is. By no means, we did want to explain that Twitterdeck or its related tools are hacking instruments.



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“Is your twitter account hacked?”
  • Hi everyone…. Iam a beginner I know very little about all this but as of now I can say that iam learning to crawl and dreaming to fly……Lemme try implementing this to my business and see the merits and demerits of social media especially twitter…

  • Hello Guys.I am Shridhar, being an instrumentation engineer I have very less to do with computers although we all know very few things happen without internet and computers.. however I manage to get on to the internet every now and then. I have a twitter account and I used to download applications left, right and center and also had a bad experience in the past of having my account hacked…But after reading this I will be careful…… thanks a lot..

  • I am from Hyderabad can you please lemme know a practical way of getting live updates on twitter.. I was tweeting thand somee other day of my friends on twitter sent a note that a plane crashed in Begumpet till then I was not even aware. How do i get these news and world updates on twitter.

  • Thanks to the guys who do research and come out with ideas like this really very helpful.. Thanks for taking time for everyone…what do you get out of it???

  • Every tool has something good and bad in it… but also one cannot blame the tool, it is also the negligence of the end user using it. I happy to know what to download and which one I have to ignore.

  • I have a twitter account and had at least 3000 followers but it was strange that I forgot the password or it was hacked…Trust me now I have a new account where I am starting all over again and now I will be very carefully.

  • TWITTER I was just reading a blog from someone which said that Mr President Barrack Obama’s twitter account has been hacked… Is that True??

  • My account has been hacked twice and I was not able to figure out the reason … after reading this I know the reason ….Thanks!!!!

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