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Top 10 Twitter Analytical Tools

Hey Guys,

In the age of social media, there is a chance that you are regularly trying to spread your message or your client’s message to a huge crowd in a very short time. I have met lots of internet marketers who are working with social media tools but to my surprise I am still confused trying to figure out how to get the most of these social media channels by measuring my ROI effectively.

So after exploring and arriving at some really cool plugins, just thought of sharing some useful Twitter tools where you can measure the results and see for yourself how you are doing in the social media space.

While most of the internet marketing experts recommend using Google Analytics because its free and is a product of Google ;) I do agree with them. It helps you keep a track of web traffic and has advanced analytical features all under one roof.

There are hundreds of free twitter analytical tools available in the web space which measures different statistics of your twitter account, thus confusing you even more, also you wont be able to relate one data with the other. Dont bother with those thousands of tools, frankly it is just a waste of time. Below is a list of 10 twitter related websites, which I think are worth testing and measuring how effective your Twitter campaigns are.

  1. TweetStats – I find this a great Twitter app from Damon Cortesi (which just turned two years old) It is basically graphs your Twitter stats including Tweets per hour, per month, Tweet timeline and Reply Statistics. It is a must have tool when you want to impress your client ;-) Twitter Stats
  2. TwitterGrader – It’s a useful tool by for analyzing your followers, following, follower history while at the same time showing you a tweet cloud.
  3. Twitterholic – This twitter tool specializes by showing you the local twitter users in your area and gives you a ranking. I uses the Geotagging feature of a user’s twitter account at {pic shown below} for displaying the results.Twitterholic
  4. TweetVolume – It’s a tool where you can enter a few words and see how many times they appear on twitter. Something like doing a keyword research while doing Search Optimization for a website.
  5. Tweetmeme Its a free service which aggregates all the popular links on Twitter to determine which links are popular. You may use this tool as a wordpress plugin allowing the visitors to tweet a post in your blog.
  6. TweetValue – I’m not pretty sure about the figures, but this tool shows you how much a particular twitter profile is worth in USD.
  7. TwitGraph – Something similar to, where this tool analyses your twitter profile, measures your tweets and provides you with data in a colourful pie chart format.
  8. Twitter Counter – Another tool for displaying your twitter activities with a graphical view. This tool allows you to compare 3 twitter accounts thus providing you a chance to compare between you & your competitors. Also provides twitter widgets, which you can embed within your blog & website.
  9. TwitterAnalyzer – This website provides you with a detailed analysis of your account, while at the same time allows you to publish your daily statistics to your followers. These stats may include Readers Reach, RTs Count, Chat Messages Count, Top Friends, Top Retweeters, Top Subject & Followers Growth Rate.
  10. Feel Tip Top – TipTop is a Twitter search engine that makes it easy to find advice, opinions and answers from other Internet users. For any topic, TipTop finds what’s useful and interesting, while filtering out what isn’t. It gets you the information you need quickly and easily.

Want to have all the right applications in place for your twitter account rather than opening many browers? Keep reading as I will provide you with all the essential plugins for every twitter account.

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