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EHIRC (Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre), New Delhi, is the premier heart and research institute in India. The hospital is backed by the most advanced laboratories performing the complete range of investigative tests in the field of Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Bio-chemistry, Haematology, Transfusion Medicine and Microbiology.

Escorts aims to always live up to its high reputation of providing the best and latest in healthcare. The hospital wanted to bring this same edge in innovation to the customer’s doorstep, by increasing responsiveness and interaction between doctors, patients and visitors. And the ideal way to do this: through the online medium.
Escorts sought to create a transaction-based web front by integrating the existing hospital management system with new web initiatives. The website would also provide basic information on, and create a knowledge base of heart related diseases accessible to all visitors. And finally, Escorts wanted to upgrade its existing basic hospital management services via web assistance.

iridium Interactive has tremendous experience in the healthcare domain and well understands the importance of seamless interaction among the various entities- the doctors, patients and visitors. Accordingly, we went all out to build Escorts a simple yet efficient web presence.
ii took operational and tedious procedures online. We set up an online payment module whereby bills could be paid online, precluding the need to stand in queues. The appointment procedure was made available online as well as through mobile SMSes. Further, ii’s mobile media experts worked to exploit mobile technologies to achieve the client’s goals – from SMS alerts to help connect to customers, to context-specific ads in mobile search environments. This led to highly personal and interactive patient services over the net.
Another interesting feature of this engagement – ii created, designed and built animations of many surgical procedures that go a long way in educating and reassuring visitors and potential patients. We hen took this a step further, disseminating information to the visitors by creating a learning section ‘All about Your Heart’ which links to one of the best and most popular cardiac knowledge websites- Heart Centre Online.
Other innovative features include tracking an in-house patient’s progress online, sending patients e-greetings, and posing queries to cardiologists online.

By creating an architecture that assimilated online appointments, bookings, payments, information on procedures, services, facilities, patient tracking information, e-greetings and animation modules, ii was able to upgrade into the hospital management system making it more transparent, efficient and cost effective. The host of mobile-accessible features created and integrated into the system has led to an increase in customer satisfaction.

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