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As one of India’s foremost names in healthcare, Moolchand has been setting standards for the past half century. Located in the heart of Delhi, it plans to develop Moolchand Medcity as Asia’s largest single site multi-specialty hospital complex (6 specialties, 1000 + beds).

People have an inane fear of hospitals and doctors, perceiving them in a negative light. In actuality, this dislike stems from a fear of disease and not the hospital per se. Moolchand is well aware of this, and hence wanted to create a hospital and healthcare environment where people could be comfortable and feel at home, putting their fears side. And what better way to ensure such an experience than ask the people themselves how they would expect the ideal hospital to be? Out of this was born the “My Dream Hospital” project. Moolchand decided to launch an innovative campaign to hear the voice of India, and to find out what patients and caregivers expect from healthcare today.

Moolchand Medcity launched its ‘My Dream Hospital campaign’ in Delhi. The idea behind it is to push the consumers for suggestions, and queries, and of course their dreams, so as to incorporate the selected ideas in the making of their dream hospital. This was implemented by building a creative and interactive website that would act as a launchpad.
iridium Interactive (ii) was chosen to carry out the task of building a website to capture the dreams and expectations the consumers have from their ‘dream hospital’. On the website, people can post their wishes, as well as view other people’s expectations in the ‘Hall of Dreams.’ Additionally, ii built the website on an interactive platform with action scripting technology, providing access to people to view their dreams taking shape through photographs and videos of the selected suggestions being implemented in Moolchand. The highlight of the website is that it is fully interactive experience. The website has an innovative and ‘fun’ look to it, as opposed to other healthcare websites that tend to be relatively clinical.
The site also uses viral marketing tool, allowing and encouraging visitors to share their experiences with their friends.

ii’s efforts were very well received, offering as they did a novel experience for users. ii and Moolchand have together created a customer-focused portal where user experience and user suggestions are of the utmost priority. The website has become the perfect gateway for dreams and their making. Visitors now share and post their suggestions, recommendations and expectations they have of an ideal hospital.

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