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Inman Stories is a California-based digital media company specializing in the creation, production and distribution of original video content via the internet and other emerging technologies. They boast a global network of highly-skilled producers, editors, and videographers who produce, shoot, and edit 3 to 5 minute video stories built around luxury homes, people, companies, destinations, and more.

Objective Inman was seeking an online video magazine solution which could maximize value from ads and give greater reach to branding efforts. They wanted to reach and captivate that elusive click- through visitor. Inman also wanted a solution offering tighter and more pin-point measurement metrics.Inman chose iridium Interactive (ii) to build and tell its story online.

Solution ii’s research resulted in several insights on satisfying clients’ needs. High speed internet and broadband services have created an intense vein of demand for rich web content, and ii created a site with the ability to place 5 to 7 minute films that tell unique stories of places, spaces and faces. The look and feel of the online medium simulates a print magazine, with the added magic of moving images and voice-over. We ensured that the embedded technology offered speedy downloads and converted ‘traditional’ web content into digital video. The creative team of iridium came up with some very simple yet innovative techniques to put together this site, using simple on-demand video modules, technology that enables easy syndication of content, And Video Content Management for creation and publishing. The convenient advertising placement rivals that of television. To make viewing hassle-free for the user, we used Flash and did away with the need for any special plug-ins. From a purely business side, we built in capabilities for advertising management, syndication management, reporting metrics and precise viewer targeting. Additionally, ii also hosts the site and offers website maintenance.

Results ii has the distinction of having created the world’s first digital video magazine, giving web viewers a far more thrilling and interactive online experience. We optimised the technology used to ensure that there was very little buffering during downloads, leading to a superior and more satisfactory user experience.In a way, online real estate information [KS1] dissemination has been revolutionised, and ii tied up syndication alliances with the world’s leading portals like Yahoo, MSN, etc. which are now generating very satisfying revenues for Inman. By hosting and maintaining the website we are able to ensure that the site is problem and glitch-free.

About ii
iridium Interactive Limited (ii) specializes in providing online business solutions. With a presence across three continents, it has been at the forefront in integrating strategy, design and technology to build unique and robust user-centric e-business solutions. At ii, a holistic approach is adopted towards complex business problems to arrive at a complete solution. ii’s talented team has worked on a variety of disciplines for a multitude of clients drawn from various industries, and has a number of award-winning works to its credit. ii offers it services in the areas of interactive marketing, web marketing, e-learning, enterprise consulting and web accessibility initiatives.