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Do you know about Echofon?

Are you still using the web interface of browsing through to post a new tweet into your profile? It is a time taking process to log into your twitter id every time you want to tweet.

After a few discussions with a few people who have twitter accounts I came to understand one common problem all of them faced that ultimately discourages them to tweet, they arent interested in tweeting because they dont like updating their Twitter profile every time through their Web Browser.

Guys.. Yechofon for macou should check out Echofon. It offers some easy to use way of using twitter iphone, Mac and those using Firefox Web Browsers. Previously Echofon for iPhone was called “TwitterFon” and Echofon for Firefox was called “TwitterFox”.

Echofon features the basic feature of tweeting, displaying the tweet of the person whom   you follow, tweets where your name is mentioned, direct messages. Also allows to Retweet, URL Shortening, Send a Reply, Adding to Favorites & many more.

Its a nice tool especially because you get the power of twitter at your finger tips while at the same time you can configure multiple accounts and surf through them at one go. Hey.. Its FREE to download and isnt bundled with any spyware.

Happy Tweeting!!



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“Do you know about Echofon?”

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