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What can Twitter do for your business?

I continue sharing my learning’s from Twitter and what it can do for your business. Sitting at the iridium office after a long day of Social Media workshop, it alarms me to visualize the potential that this medium holds to transform the way people talk and respond. In my talks with people across different business lines be it HR, Executive level or Mid-layer management, I see a shift happening (even the hype) in their receptivity to converse online.140 characters may seem very small to convey your messages on twitter but the implications of this social medium are unimaginable. A business can share short crisp updates on its everyday activities . Let me share with you some of key benefits of twitter and what it can do for any company.

Twitter for businesses1. Influence: The more useful and relevant information you post on Twitter the more followers you will gather and larger will be your circle of influence.

2. Instant Exposure: There is no tool more powerful than Twitter for this purpose.Used in the right way, this is one of its biggest benefits- The right way being: don’t say anything you don’t want to say, consider your audience and always think twice about what you communicate.

3. Building contacts and influence: If you are tweeting right, you will allow access to billions of people as twitter has mass appeal. Yet you have to target the correct audience to derive instant results.

4. Build up a Buzz: If your company is a part of an event, conducting a conference, annual general meeting, launching a product or making an announcement; twitter is the right place to create a buzz and a sense of anticipation and excitement for your audience if it really matters to them. But keep in mind that this is done within your deadlines. If you makes promises and do not deliver on twitter, most likely you will instantly lose followers.

5. Live Tweets: Just like any commentary to a match, twitter can be used during live events to create an additional buzz around that event. Tweet what is happening, talk about the speakers, rate them, exchange thoughts and comments with people in the same room, and publish live feeds and links.

6. Excellent Brand Builder: If you want to know whether your company is being spoken about or not Tweekdeck is one such application where you, your customers and employees can use buzzwords and search any word is being spoken about you. This strengthens the importance of transparency and immediacy.

7. Substitute for coffee machine/ water cooler: This is an excellent place where employess can stay in touch about the happenings in the office thereby substituting the coffee machines and water coolers which used to be a commonplace for discussions.

8. Brevity: With the current 6 second attention span of modern online browsers, twitter is an excellent platform to send out a clear message within 140 characters. Twitter does not believe in writing a lot much to the advantage to our browsers. Sending short quick messages is the main essence of twitter.

9. Follow Competitiors or Sales Leads: Great way to keep in touch with what your rivals are upto. But again don put up false identities be honest to who you represent.

10. Crisis Communications: Twitter helps companies mitigate the effects of a crisis or even reduce the damage if your followers are well targeted.

11. Customer Service: Comcast had brilliantly used twitter to its favour by completely turning around its bad image by active twittering to all its customers. Just ensure that while answering customer queries the right thought leader is answering them.

12. Thought Leadership: If there is someone in your company who is an expert in their area of work, empower them to tweet. Let them represent your company.

13. Corporate communication: Very short company announcements can be easily tweeted, but again double check what you want to tweet that can engage your community of followers.

twitter for companiesStay Tuned and watch out for the next wisdom series as I will discuss the Do’s and Donts of Twitter.

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  • Hello Everyone…. Iam a CEO of a Recruitment firm.To me social media was just a fad but after going through this serious i realized that i need to implement this for my org too to attract more customers and also build the brand visibility…..

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