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WagonR Think Big Challenge 2 case study iridium Interactive

“The Challenge was Bigger and so was our intent”; these lines would be apt for the entire team here which literally gave wings to this activity. Just a few days old at iridium (Delhi office), I was put in the team to work on this project. We were given a flat 15 days to get the new design and the entire back-end implemented, but kudos to our technical team (also

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Monitoring the Sentiment behind every Social Media Conversation

“We have seen a clear evolution in demands from our customers. They are better informed and far more sophisticated in their expectations and requirements.”- Mark Redgrave of Hapax. True!! With the advent of social media they now have their own platform to express their views and opinions. The main intention behind social media monitoring is to track these conversations as I have mentioned earlier. Determining if these conversations are positive

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India’s largest car manufacturer, Maruti, was launching a new scheme allows NRIs to gift a Maruti car to a person in India. The scheme would offer NRIs special prices, payment options and home delivery services. Objective iridium Interactive (ii) has a long standing e-business and Internet solutions relationship with Maruti Udyog, and this new project only strengthened it further. ii was required to create an online, web-based, transparent mechanism enabling

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Suzuki's Magical Online Car buying experience

iridium Interactive‘s long standing e-business and Internet solutions relationship with Maruti Udyog received a further boost. iridium Interactive launched the innovative and highly evocative community portal The website is truly interactive, simple and easy to navigate. It is transparent and straightforward with a minimum of navigation for the user. This site is in response to many NRIs requests and their search for a means that would emotionally connect them

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