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Why Social Media Monitoring?

Social monitoringWith my experience with iridium in this sphere for some time, it is my observation that social media is spreading like wild fire and it is every company’s desire to be a part of what is being said about them, their brands, products, services and finally, their reputation in the market.

Social media includes blogs, forums, wikis, tags and any user generated content. This is where consumers and users saw the opportunity to share their opinions and thoughts with so much ease.

Word of mouth marketing saw unprecedented growth which it never did before. Listening to these conversations on companies has brought about the importance of social media monitoring and the various tools invented to track and measure the zillion conversations happening online.

Social monitoring tools monitor:

  • All websites
  • Every possible social network
  • Social news
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Microblogs
  • Images
  • User generated content
  • Tags
  • Videos
  • Almost every possible thing on Web 2.0

Social Media Monitoring tools will provide you with all the statistics. But it is sheer analysis that will give some sense to the random numbers and graphs these tools generate.

In my next blog I will talk more about these tools and provide you with more examples especially from my experience at iridium Interactive.

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