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Taking the Baby Steps to Social Media

Out with social mediaAfter sharing the C’s to Social Media or the basic approach to it, lets get on to implementing them in your organizations.There are no defined classes for teaching Social Media yet but from my experience with iridium Interactive, social media marketing takes time to learn and understand. Social media is a risky venture because when it goes wrong it can spell disaster for the company and its brand. Not to freak you out but lets take social media marketing slowly and step by step to set a firm foundation in social media.

1. The beginning of every possible thing done in the corporate way is to Frame a goal:

  • Why do you want Social media?
  • What business purpose will it serve?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Will this be an organization wide commitment or a seperate department?
  • What marketing initiatives will Social media be helpful for?

2. After answering all these questions it is important to frame policies. This is particularly important when your social media efforts are an organization wide endeavour as you have to set boundaries for the employees involved in it.

3. Start Research: before starting any thing new it’s always wise to take a look at the happenings around you. Research and analyse what the rest are doing in the social media sphere. Create your own inventory of links and resources that you can refer to in the near future.

4. Understand the world wide social media sphere and what you would want to implement in your social media activities. There are millions of social media applications out there, pick only those applications which you think you will use.

Not very different from traditional marketing, social media also deals with building trust and creating a community. If you know the marketing tricks this should not be a difficult feat for you. Just like the human evolution social media also has its own evolution, where you CRAWL, then WALKRUN and then FLY the glorious heights of Social Media.

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“Taking the Baby Steps to Social Media”

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