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T.P.Pratap-author of the post Organisations, be they established centuries old global MNCs or bootstrapped startups are always on the lookout for ways and means to spread their buzz among the teeming hundreds and millions.A Decorative Paints company would want to reach out and market its latest variant and products from across its wide portfolio such as Oil Bound Distemper or Plastic Emulsion to its end consumers or even influencers like painters, builders and architects.

A B2B company in the IT Remote Management services would willingly and callisthenically bend backward to reach out to the CIOs of those Fortune 50 customer base who has been elusive all along.

The Real Estate company wanting to market that luxury condominium in the city of Honolulu or Tashkent or Kiev or Madagascar or even Bhopal would aspire to market to those deep pocketed Investment Bankers looking for that quick deal ( no pun intended )

The Tourism Board of any Country would want to market its country, locales and cultural beauty to the prospects across the globe – with the sole desire and intention of garnering those big tourism dollars.

What is common to all the above scenarios?

Each of the concerned brand owners or company managers listed above would certainly try the tested waters over and over.
The Maxim being followed – If it aint broke, why fix it?
Hence, rest assured there would be the Front Page adverts, the Billboards on the Highway, the TV spots in the midst of the prime time clutter and of late, some enterprising daredevils would also venture into the brave new world of the web.
Depending on the thousands or millions of currency budgeted for marketing spends, the qauntum .and magnitude of the largesse varies.

There is another wave that has been rising over the virtual waters – on the blogsphere. Brands are being discussed, promoted and pilloried among this cult following.
Blog Postings are normally followed avidly among a close set of Blog followers.

Examples are galore in the web gallery that highlight the power of the Blogspace.

For instance, Guy Kawasaki was in Mumbai recently. The Emerging India Story has been written and talked about on all kinds of platforms and bourses over the last few years.

Be that as it may, images and perceptions are built and changed by influencers among their close circuit of followers. Guy Kawasaki only had to make a simple posting of his Mumbai Visit - to start a torrent of discussions on the City, its culture, its religion, its facilities, its roads, its marketing, its Dhobi Ghat.

Brands, organizations and even countries need to take a cue from this – to plan to manage and monitor their online reputations appropriately.

For those new to the blogosphere, here’s a good place to start …



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