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The rise and rise of Intermediaries.

Most brands across sectors are working on improving their e-channel business contribution. In this light, it is important for marketers to understand the dynamics and power of new and online intermediaries in any online marketplace. The e-channel would be distinctly different from the channels that brand owners and business practitioners have experienced during their real working in the real world. The virtual world has a different set of players and

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Glug Glug…Let's Blog

Organisations, be they established centuries old global MNCs or bootstrapped startups are always on the lookout for ways and means to spread their buzz among the teeming hundreds and millions.A Decorative Paints company would want to reach out and market its latest variant and products from across its wide portfolio such as Oil Bound Distemper or Plastic Emulsion to its end consumers or even influencers like painters, builders and architects.

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Bollywood and Online Marketing

Circa 1972 Bollywood has given us many scientific discoveries and hypotheses. Good old fiery villain, Ajit, arguably had some amazing patent pending TORTURE TECHNIQUES up his villainous sleeve: “JAAAANI – Voltage Badaaao-Currrrent Badaaao..Uska Resistance Kum Ho Jaayega”…. Even better technique: “Usko Liquid Oxygen mein bundh kardo…..Liquid usko Jeeene Naheen Dega; Oxygen Usko marne Naheen Dega”

Suzuki's Magical Online Car buying experience

iridium Interactive‘s long standing e-business and Internet solutions relationship with Maruti Udyog received a further boost. iridium Interactive launched the innovative and highly evocative community portal The website is truly interactive, simple and easy to navigate. It is transparent and straightforward with a minimum of navigation for the user. This site is in response to many NRIs requests and their search for a means that would emotionally connect them

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