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As an ongoing initiative of making NASSCOM website Web 2.0, iridium Interactive has launched a Blog for the emerging companies few months back, it is already making waves at various blogs and other media, here is what economic times has to say ……

Emerging businesses are getting their voices heard in cyberspace. If Nasscom’s Emerge blog fulfills the need for knowledge of emerging companies in IT, Milagrow looks at a more holistic approach with a thrust on manufacturing. While has a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach,’s Aliblogs has tied up with Infomedia to design a blog for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Suddenly, SMBs are all over the blogosphere.Nasscom experts say blogs in India are at a nascent stage but herald huge potential, especially the ones on SMBs. The association has recently launched its own SMB blog, Nasscom Emerge, where IT start-ups can tank up. It aims to target more than two million software professional in India. Today, India has three million SMBs, which comprise roughly 80% of the industrial sector.

NASSCOM vice-president Sangeeta Gupta says the Emerge blog gets more than 6,000 page views per month. She adds,

There is a huge potential in this sector as people are actively looking out for such blogs that act as a guide and provide information on relevant topics

Emerge discusses subjects like innovation, talent management, building a product company and others.Milagrow is another blog that is specially dedicated to SMBs and discusses issues related to retail, manufacturing, services and IT, besides others. Rajiv Karwal, Milagrow’s founder director, also agrees there is potential for corporate blogging in India. Karwal is also penning a book on the same.

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  • Thanks to the Iridium team who has done a fantastic job on the EMERGEing blog.