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EMERGEing Blog

As an ongoing initiative of making NASSCOM website Web 2.0, iridium Interactive has launched a Blog for the emerging companies few months back, it is already making waves at various blogs and other media, here is what economic times has to say …… Emerging businesses are getting their voices heard in cyberspace. If Nasscom’s Emerge blog fulfills the need for knowledge of emerging companies in IT, Milagrow looks at a

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An Intrapreneur to an Entrepreneur..

This is an entry posted by Sriram Bharatam, CEO, iridium Interactive on Nasscom Emerge blog, an iniatiative by NASSCOM to provide a platform for Emerging Companies to share ideas and interact I managed to take a late night flight out of Hyderabad to reach Delhi a night before atleast to be on time for the fourth Breakfast meeting of the NASSCOM Noida CEO forum meeting at Grapecity.. I guess I

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