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Measuring the Return on Influence of Social Media

“If you cant measure it, you can’t manage it.” as rightly quoted by management guru, Peter Drucker.

measuring social media This is exactly what social media monitoring attempts to do. There are millions of conversations happening and by now if you have been reading my blogs, the message is loud and clear. If you cannot measure them with a predefined set of benchmarks then you cannot [do brand management] manage what is being said about your company and brand. Today enterprises, including those that approach iridium, face a bold challenge of managing their business in extremely dynamic webs + weeding out the conversations and dialogues in the humanized web networks. The crux of any good social media strategy is the Return on Investment or may I say ‘Return on Influence’. Sentiment Analysis and quantitatively measuring social media conversations gives an understanding of the business impact. Lets find out how.

I will point out the tangible benefits to any business or ROI from social media monitoring:

  1. Gather consumer and competitor perceptions of a brand, then work towards changing their perceptions for the better.
  2. Create avenues to let your consumers know that they are being heard.
  3. Provides you with proactive crisis management and planning.
  4. Provides warning or red alerts for defensive or reactive public relations.
  5. Identify your real influencers.
  6. Understand the environment of your business operations and the ecosystem it operates in.
  7. Improves customer services which inturn leads to higher sales.
  8. Reduces costs as this is the most cost effective way to touch base with a large volume of customers.
  9. Reach the right customers faster and better.
  10. Drives better decision making with the information aggregator tools.
  11. Aids product development with live consumer inputs.
  12. Enhanced SEO diminishes the need of paid searches.

These are some essential benefits anybody can avail from social media monitoring which iridium also provides. Await my next blog as I will talk conduct the SWOT analysis of Social Media Monitoring.

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