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Measuring the Return on Influence of Social Media

“If you cant measure it, you can’t manage it.” as rightly quoted by management guru, Peter Drucker. This is exactly what social media monitoring attempts to do. There are millions of conversations happening and by now if you have been reading my blogs, the message is loud and clear. If you cannot measure them with a predefined set of benchmarks then you cannot [do brand management] manage what is being

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Are you Daisy Chaining????

Website linking, now-a-days, is gaining prominence as it is considered to be one of the most effective tools for better search engine placement. The most common method that website owners normally use to try and obtain better search engine placement is to provide back links from other sites. However quite often other website owners insist on having a reciprocal link which can make a website look very incoherent. To overcome

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Get ready for the festive shopping season

DIWALI KEE SHUBH KAAMNAAAYEINONAAASHAMSAGAL SHUBH BIJOYA DASHAMI EID MUBARAK MERRY XMAS It might be premature OR belated to be wishing. But there are teams across the country and across categories keeping their eye on the clock ticking for the festive season. Hence, it migt be pertinent to come up with some steps and pointers to help brands shape up their online presence for the coming season.