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My first few days at iridium Interactive

Everybody knows the truth that time brings in a lot of changes, be it personal or professional, in one’s life. The 4th of July, 2008 is the day that has brought me to iridium Interactive for an internship of five and a half months. This was my first exposure to a software company and a considerable base for my professional career.

Booking tickets online –the highs and lows of the experience

I am planning a trip to Gods own Country, Kerala in a couple of months and recently visited the Indian Railways website to book my tickets online. The experience was mixed. The site is very nice even though it is missing some accessibility guidelines. Let me share the good things first.

An Intrapreneur to an Entrepreneur..

This is an entry posted by Sriram Bharatam, CEO, iridium Interactive on Nasscom Emerge blog, an iniatiative by NASSCOM to provide a platform for Emerging Companies to share ideas and interact I managed to take a late night flight out of Hyderabad to reach Delhi a night before atleast to be on time for the fourth Breakfast meeting of the NASSCOM Noida CEO forum meeting at Grapecity.. I guess I

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Six months as iridiumite

On 7thJanuary, 2008 I entered iridium Interactive as a student from BITS Pilani to do my practice school-2.I was quite apprehensive at that time, because my stay at ii to be around 160 days and I had pretty less knowledge about the company at that time. ii warmly welcomed us on the first day with a nice lunch. Some how I could manage to have a smile on my first

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My Mission for my Role Models

Watching skimpily dressed women is a delight to lot of people.They don’t mind buying a ticket in black to watch a Mallika Sherawat in Murder or an Aishwarya in Dhoom II or Bips in Race. There are lot of controversies people rake up watching such actress, whether they should dress one way or the other, whether Shriya should wear a mini frock for an inauguration ceremony or should she have

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Paradigm shift in Delivery

I’m at a very interesting phase of my career where after spending 13 years in the IT industry working for some big guns delivering complex enterprise applications, I’m trying to understand the new puzzle thrown at me.

Lose Control – The World Order Changeth

The obviously wonderful thing about the Internet is that nobody controls it. And if you can’t control the medium, you sure don’t control the message. This adage seems obvious enough in this age of over 100 million blogs, YouTube, Digg, Delicious, and Twitter mania & Facebook.

My experience with Iridium, my life

I was about 5 ½ -6 years then… I distinctly remember this one incident of my life very clearly. I was in Madras (the now Chennai) during my holidays (what holidays I had not even started schooling then, it was vacation for my sister who is 2 years elder to me).

Happy Birthday, iridium

March 14th dawned bright and sunny, a perfect Bandh day (For reasons no one seemed to be sure of -was it telangana or rising oil prices or the new airports at Hyderabad and Bangalore ??) Coming from a state that accords highest respect and regard to Bandhs and Hartals, I was half expecting closed shops, deserted roads and semi deserted offices!!!!. Nobody seemed to be concerned or complaining anyway, except

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Deccan Chargers @ii

With the IPL rage all around, the Deccan “iridium Interactive” Chargers decided to be part of the excitement with their own Premier league version -the iIPL(iridium Interactive Premier League) . Four teams from ii hyderabad fought with gusto on the field and provided wholesome, action-packed entertainment to the spectators in three exciting encounters during the course of the day. The cheerleaders were kept busy as our very own “Sehwags” and

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