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Why Twitter? And Five Ground Rules to Practice.

Yesterday I have talked about “what” is twitter, lets get on to “Why” twitter today. Why Twitter? Twitter has become a phenomenal success over the last year although it has been around since 3 years now.  Popular social networking sites like facebook and twitter were struggling to find a standing three years back with tough competition from gmail and yahoo. But now they have surpassed these internet giants.  Mainstream Media

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Taking-off Social Media with Twitter

In my first wisdom series, I begin with introducing you to Twitter. As much as we all know about the Twitter phenomenon, most of us are yet to understand the power of this microblogging social medium and the way it is revolutionizing businesses and powering their networks. So, with my social media ‘twilby’ firmly in place I set out to explain my understanding of  ‘the what’, ‘the how’ and ‘the

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