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Social Media for NGOs..4 Starters to Get You Moving

Organizations need a variety of online supporters. They need customers who buy their products, evangelists who promote their brand, mavens who add intellectual value, their own employees who speak out and increase the goodwill towards the brand and a silent audience of undecided’s who fall in none of these categories. Large organizations are blessed with followers and fans instantly. Their timelines and fan pages are bombarded with complaints, compliments and

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Social Media Fundamentals with a flavor of "Marketing"

Knowing that Social Media is a need not a choice…I am now sharing with you the flavor of “Social Media Marketing“. Social Media is driven by the people, solely for the people and is here to stay, tools may change or may get sophisticated. I was reading this somewhere and it immediately caught my attention- 78% people believe in peer recommendations and only 14% believe in advertisements. It was then

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Social Media for your Business is Not a Choice..Its a Need

What took the radio 38 years to accomplish, Facebook achieved double of it within 9 months? Well, I am talking about the 1 billion users Facebook recently achieved. Social media has transformed the way consumers respond to you. Traditional marketing was all about creating a need for consumers but now it is catering to the needs of consumers- its the network effect. Shouting and hard selling will not reach people.

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Do’s and Dont’s of Twitter

After sharing my learnings on Twitter with you, I will now proceed to the most important part, the Do’s and Dont’s of twitter. This is like a cheat sheet for any person who is yet to explore the vast seas of twitter.  We at iridium Interactive have also struggled to understand and implement twitter in our corporate strategy but with some brainstorming sessions, working late nights inorder to break the

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On-Boarding Twitter into your Business – 7 Steps before take-off

After unleashing “the power of twitter” to you, I am sure you have warmed up to the idea that Twitter is here to stay in the business context and has tremendous potential to connect with internal and external audiences. Before you decide to introduce Twitter in a business context, consider these points to ensure a successful experience. 1. Plan your corporate twitter strategy before taking the plunge. Be clear on

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The Power of Twitter – Build your Social Currency

After my first 2 wisdom series on ‘what is twitter‘ and ‘why twitter‘, now let us understand the power of Twitter for your business.You may be twittering with your personal profile for specific interests, but now its time to get curious and venture into creating the social currency for your company itself.Strange as it may sound, Twitter is a one of the most powerful yet underplayed social medium leveraging online

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Why Twitter? And Five Ground Rules to Practice.

Yesterday I have talked about “what” is twitter, lets get on to “Why” twitter today. Why Twitter? Twitter has become a phenomenal success over the last year although it has been around since 3 years now.  Popular social networking sites like facebook and twitter were struggling to find a standing three years back with tough competition from gmail and yahoo. But now they have surpassed these internet giants.  Mainstream Media

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