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Bringing power to the masses and concepts like WISDOM OF THE CROWDS is something that are buzzwords of Web2.0. Brands globally can take a leaf out of the current Viral Campaign going on in the USA. I am not referring to the Superbowl or the latest Pepsi or Coke signup of the latest pinup. Nor am I referring to any NBA star. One is amazed by the latest viral campaign

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Here’s wishing the NASSCOM EMERGE blog a very happy birthday..!

About a year back iridium Interactive launched NASSCOM EMERGE blog for NASSCOM, a platform for SMEs to interact and share their thougts and ideas with each other and the organization. Nasscom Emerge recently celebrated its first birthday, completing a very successful and fruitful year overcoming a lot of opposition, resistance and hiccups. Read on to know more about the journey and what they have to say about Iridium. August 3,

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Bollywood and Online Marketing

Circa 1972 Bollywood has given us many scientific discoveries and hypotheses. Good old fiery villain, Ajit, arguably had some amazing patent pending TORTURE TECHNIQUES up his villainous sleeve: “JAAAANI – Voltage Badaaao-Currrrent Badaaao..Uska Resistance Kum Ho Jaayega”…. Even better technique: “Usko Liquid Oxygen mein bundh kardo…..Liquid usko Jeeene Naheen Dega; Oxygen Usko marne Naheen Dega”

Social Networking in Plain English

Social Networking is rightly called Social Learning. The deepest learning comes from human connections and Social Networking tools make it easier than ever to connect to the people you want to learn something from, or with whom you are willing to learn with, together, collaboratively. Remember reading business books about the power of the “rolodex”??? Important successful people ALWAYS had a massive rolodex. So, how do you acquire one today?

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Lose Control – The World Order Changeth

The obviously wonderful thing about the Internet is that nobody controls it. And if you can’t control the medium, you sure don’t control the message. This adage seems obvious enough in this age of over 100 million blogs, YouTube, Digg, Delicious, and Twitter mania & Facebook.

India's first interactive portal for disabled community

Media Lab Asia, a unit of the Indian Department of Information Technology, and the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), a federal body dealing with rehabilitation of the disabled, have jointly developed a portal for the differently-abled community in India named (For more information please visit This portal has been designed and developed by iridium Interactive, the leading ‘Fully Integrated Web Services Company’ in India. was launched today

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iridium Interactive among the Top 100 IT Innovative companies

iridium Interactive™ Limited is proud to be placed among the top 100 companies in NASSCOM’s 100 IT Innovators, Showcase of Innovation in India 2007. These top 100 IT companies are chosen to provide a perspective on the concept of innovation and on how Indian IT-ITES companies can discover its various aspects.For the third time, NASSCOM, India’s premier trade body and the Chamber of Commerce of the IT software and services

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Healthcare 2.0 Innovative Campaign

Imagine a nurse singing a lullaby to you or the doctor walking in a spiderman garb with a stethoscope hanging around his neck will no longer be unheard of concepts, looking at the way health scenario is changing in India. Moolchand Medcity is the only global healthcare brand to have initiated such a campaign which captures the voice of consumers.Moolchand Medcity, NCR’s leading healthcare services provider, launched its My Dream

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