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Top 7 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

“Social networking has become a fundamental part of the global online experience,” commented John Burbank, CEO of Nielsen Online. And I couldn’t agree more. There are so many conversations happening online among 1.5 billion internet users that it is hard to keep a track of all the buzz. The  ‘Who, Where and When’ of these conversations is what social media monitoring tools track.

Here are some free Social media monitoring tools that you can use to assess all social media metrics.

1. How Sociable: it is a free tool that defines simplicity. Just punch in the brand you want to measure metrics for and you will get the visibility score for it across 32 social networks.

Dominos visibility metrics on HowSociable 2. Addict-o-matic: This tool provides you with a comprehensive view of discussions on a topic across the most popular social networks. In just one view you can see all the discussions on all popular social networks and blogs.

3. Technorati- This tool is used to find top blogs and posts on any searched item.

4. Google Blogsearch- This is also a blog oriented tool that generates top discussions happening in blogs on a topic you want to search for.'Google Blog Search'

5. Googletrends- Shows the worldwide traffic/searches of this particular keyword.

6. Twitterstats-  This is one tool that serves all my twitter purposes. It shows all the relevant twitter stats for the Iridium account and allows comparisons with other accounts too. One stop for all twitter analytics is what this tool is all about. Check it out on

7. Quantcast- This tool is apt for tracking traffic to a particular website and gives Graphical display and demographics wise data segregation.

There are numerous free tools available but its your requirements that defines your choice. After my stint in social media monitoring, these are the top 7 tools I frequently use.

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