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A Primer On Social Media Monitoring

After taking a deep dive into social media and marketing, we will now turn the tide towards introducing an integral part of social media, namely social media monitoring. This is imperative to every company who wants to measure their activities on social media.

Also known as social reputation management, or online reputation management, social media monitoring serves more than gathering metrics on your social media initiatives.

There will be a lot of metrics that can be gathered but making some sense out of these numbers is what is required.  In fact, I would say social media monitoring should not be done after you enter social media; this can be done even before you enter the social media marketing. By this not only will you have awareness about your brand, you will have the right intent to begin your social media initiatives.

Here are some basic reasons to monitor social media in case you are new to this terrific listening tool and its scalable capabilities:

  • To hear complaints or praises being said about your brand services and products.
  • To tap needs of consumers, when they want advice or ideas on a purchase decision.
  • To keep an eye on your competitor activities.
  • To keep a track of the current trends in your market space
  • Tracking a famous topic’s nature, how important is it and how long does it survive.
  • Tracking the companies and brands who are experts in social media, basically tracking your potential influencers.
  • Measure customer engagement on your social media initiatives.

Watch this space as I will discuss free social media monitoring tools which iridium Interactive has used to a large extent and the big “WHY” your company absolutely needs Social Media Monitoring. Coming up in my next blog series.

Follow us on @iridiuminter or my personal twitter @sbharatam.

Follow us on @iridiuminter or my personal twitter @sbharatam.



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