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Socialmedia-ness for Small and Smart Business Owners

After talking about some small businesses who have made it big with social media. Now is your chance to follow suit and let the green notes flow into your business with this social media guide. But remember that just opening numerous social media accounts is not enough.  As I always say have a plan, be determined and treat this as a full time business plan. Social media marketing is not

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Meetings aren't always about targets and deadlines

As I get a reminder to an already accepted invitation to a Leadership Team Meet on Wednesday, nothing was actually going on in my mind as I grabbed a note pad and made my way to the conference room, expecting another routine meeting with the team as it was always done in Google. There were a lot more people in the meeting than I had expected people from the testing,

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What an idea!!!!

On the occasion of its tenth birthday, Google has come up with a novel project -Project 10 to the 100. This time it is about doing our bit (wish I could change this “bit” to tera bytes) for the betterment of the society. Google invites people to come up with ideas that can make this world a better place to live in …Most of us are aware of the millions

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