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PUNARBHAVA – a renewed becoming

Punarbhava is a Pali word for “renewed becoming”. It refers to the process of rebirth after death and is synonymous with samsara. Rebirth in Buddhism does not mean reincarnation, in the sense of an eternal, separate soul transferring to a new body. Rather it is the continuation of the psyche with its conditioning and habits. Each rebirth is a new life.

India's first interactive portal for disabled community

Media Lab Asia, a unit of the Indian Department of Information Technology, and the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), a federal body dealing with rehabilitation of the disabled, have jointly developed a portal for the differently-abled community in India named (For more information please visit This portal has been designed and developed by iridium Interactive, the leading ‘Fully Integrated Web Services Company’ in India. was launched today

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Media Lab Asia (MLAsia), a not-for-profit R&D organization, works on the paradigm of collaborative research in the task of developing relevant and sustainable technologies and culturally appropriate solutions and bringing them to the daily lives of people. The objective of the organization is to bring the benefits of ICT to the common man. ObjectiveThe aim of the Punarbhava (literally meaning ‘renewed being’) project was to build a comprehensive Internet portal

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