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Do’s and Dont’s of Twitter

Golden rules for twitterAfter sharing my learnings on Twitter with you, I will now proceed to the most important part, the Do’s and Dont’s of twitter. This is like a cheat sheet for any person who is yet to explore the vast seas of twitter.  We at iridium Interactive have also struggled to understand and implement twitter in our corporate strategy but with some brainstorming sessions, working late nights inorder to break the code of twittering, we have arrived with this very simple key points that should be kept in mind.

Read ahead the golden rules and most importantly the Do’s and Dont’s one should follow with twitter.


  • Plan your corporate twitter startegy before taking the plunge.
  • Before giving access make a twitter policy clarifying what the employees can say and can’t say.
  • Follow relevant people who you want to keep a track of.
  • Make clear what and who are you representing. Corporate transparency is appreciated by every stakeholder.
  • Engage in constant conversations with your community. The more you talk the better your community will reciprocate.
  • Build trust within your community with constant presence. Frequent updates to keep your community up to date with your activities.
  • Use tweetscoop or tweetdeck or echofon to follow trends in topics. There is so much activity happening on twitter, install these real time applications on your computer and stay informed all the time.
  • Share information that is relevant to your followers/ community, share only what they want to and need to know.
  • Follow the above suggestions and be a good twittizen.


  • Dont automate this process. This should be real time and customised.
  • Dont over promote your brand, product and company. It will backfire.
  • Dont give politically negative comments. Try to assess what is the situation and what you can add to the conversations happening.
  • Do not assume that people do not know how to use Social media, never form prejudices.

Now that these important pointers have been shared to all, stayed tuned as we explore some more important aspects of the social media world.

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3 Discussions on
“Do’s and Dont’s of Twitter”
  • i like the way you work and put forward and share not only your xperiences but also your learnings is truly world class…

  • Intersting facts i thought i knew this but understood it completely when read this…. Twitter as a tool is good and also can backfire :)

  • hey guys shilpa here….I have been following you from the day1 when you guys started writing… i was a little nervous to write initially but then as i have been following i knew only very little about twitter and tweeting… but now i have 100 followers and iam following 10 isn’t that amazing…. Look forward to hear more from you guys cheers Shilpa

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